Where’s Connor Brogdon? He Has Been The Phillies Mr. September Out of the Pen But Has Been MIA When Needed The Most!

Remember the name Connor Brogdon he has not allowed an earned run in September out of the Phillies bullpen.

In three appearances over 5.2 innings in September, Brogdon has allowed only one hit and struck out eight. But he has not been used in the current Washington series so far, as the Phillies play their way out of post season contention.

Instead, the Phillies have insisted on running out some of the most ineffective relief pitchers in baseball in the last three fatal losses against the Nationals.

With his 95-96 mph fastball and excellent offspeed stuff Brogdon has quietly emerged as one of the top relief pitchers in the MLB in September. Yet, the Phillies refused to put Connor in a game when a strikeout was badly needed against the Nats.

Just take a look at more of Brogdon’s September numbers. Opponents are only hitting .056. He has a WHIP of 0.53 and he won his only decision out of the pen.

Yet, Manager Joe Girardi has kept Brogdon under wraps so far in the must win Washington series while the Phillies have gone down to three straight defeats.

No word on whether or not Brogdon is hurting but if he is not, we will probably see  him pitch again when the Phillies are eliminated from any possible chance of getting into the playoffs. It’s just the Phillies way!





About Baseball Ross

I have been a faithful Phillies follower all my life. Today I am most intrigued by those players in the minor league system who work every day of the year to make it to the Show. This is what this blog is mostly all about. To read more, click here: https://baseballross.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/how-i-got-started-in-baseball/
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2 Responses to Where’s Connor Brogdon? He Has Been The Phillies Mr. September Out of the Pen But Has Been MIA When Needed The Most!

  1. Harvey says:

    Brogden was used in back to back games, not a good thing when you need 25-30 warmup pitches, 15-20 in game. Wear and tear on a young arm. Remember he only 180 IP in the minors. Yes I agree especially with the recent BP arms blowing leads. Where is Kyle Dohy, Mauricio Llovera, Garrett Cleavinger ? These where BP arms thought to be helpful not to mention last years Readings BP Jacob Hernandez.

  2. Zach Walling says:

    What are your thought on Girardi? Do you like him as your clubs manager?

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