The Big “B’s”, Bryce, Bohm and Brogdon Standout As Phillies Season Is Coming to a Frustrating End

Another three-run lead is blown by a mostly ineffective bullpen. It was the eight, three-run lead resulting in defeat in only 58 games. Clearly the Phillies lead the league in that category maybe one of the tops for all time over 60 games.

The team has become hard to watch. However, last night Bryce Harper, Alec Bohm and Connor Brogdon give us hope for a better Phillies future.

Last night, Harper ended 10 straight at bats where he got on base in a futile attempt to get the Phillies into the post season. With his contract he will be a Phillies for another 11 years. The question remains will he remain effective over that long a period. Maybe for a few more years but how many is the problem.

Bohm is the real surprised of the 2020 season. The guy can flat out hit with runners in scoring position hitting .463 with a 1.066 OPS which is the highest in the Majors. The key is he does not try to do too much since he has only 3 RISP extra base hits  but has a knack for hitting line drive base hits with runners in scoring position.

Connor Brogdon has simply been the best relief pitcher in baseball from September 13th to date. Last night he struck out the side in his one inning of work using a high 90’s fastball and a deadly changeup, 10 mph slower.  Perhaps he will get one more appearance this season. He currently has pitched in five September games and in 7.2 innings has allowed no runs, one hit, struck out 11. He is the Phillies “closer of the future”.

All are “Hard to believe, Harry” moments in Phillies history. Yet the question is how can a team not make the post season where 16 of the 30 teams qualify with the likes of Harper, Bohm and Brogdon putting up such MLB leading numbers down the stretch?







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