Give These Two Young Relief Pitchers a Chance in the 2021 Phillies Bullpen

Hard to figure out who will be calling the shots in the Phillies Front Office as the new General Manager as we approach next season.  The old GM and his top assistant still are around. Enough said! Change was needed but has it begun?  What will happen will take place without our input in any event.

You do not need to be a genius but the Phillies do need pitching help especially in the bullpen. In the 60-game 2020 season, the Phillies had one of the highest ever team relief ERA.

We all know Connor Brogdon has passed the test in the last two weeks of the season and will play a key role out of the bullpen next year.   The jury is still out on Jojo Romero though.  He looked strong in first few appearances out of the pen then faded at the end when it really counted.

Brogden and Romero worked their way up from the alternate team in Allentown. On the other hand, Tyler Carr and Keylan Killgore who we watched pitch in relief in 2019 with the Clearwater Threshers were not invited to Allentown. 

Righty Carr and lefty Killgore were a combined 16 for 18 in save opportunities for the Threshers in 2019.  Carr had a 1.64 ERA overall and Killgore had a .193 ERA against left-handed batters in the FSL.  Carr finished the 2019 season by striking out six in 2.2 innings in his one game for Reading.

They both joined with Threshers starter Kyle Glogoski in pitching a nine-inning no-hitter back in June of 2019. Read HERE.


They were vital in pitching the Threshers to qualifying as a wild card team in the 2019 FSL playoffs which were eventually cancelled by a “threat” from Hurricane Dorian.

Carr and Killgore formed an effective one-two punch out of the Threshers’ pen in 2019. All we ask from whomever is making the decisions in the Phillies Front Office, if he does happen to ask for our opinion, is to give these two guys a chance to pitch at the highest level in 2020!  Can’t do any worst than what happened out there in 2020.





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2 Responses to Give These Two Young Relief Pitchers a Chance in the 2021 Phillies Bullpen

  1. Romus says:

    I would hope Carr and Killgore are now at the FILs prepping for 2021.

  2. Gary Brant says:

    What in the World happened to Spencer Howard? Why Did they continue to pitch him when his Velocity was Down From the beginning of the game and lowered after a couple innings. This was a Mystery? Especially when he was Shut Down last Year for Shoulder. He throws 100 mph the rest of the season and Arizona Fall League. Something happened from Spring Training1 to Allentown to Major League Debut. Mismanagement? Was He bring Groomed for a Few Innings out of the Bullpen all along and then Start Him? Something Does not add Up. I Know there’s Good Baseball People on site. Just Wondering.

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