Phillies Look Set in the Future With Mick Abel and Andrew Painter at the Top of Its Rotation

Once the Phillies sign its 2021 first round draft pick, Andrew Painter, to go with its 2020 first round pick, Mick Abel, the Phillies look set at the top of the rotation eventually far into the future.

We have been fortunate enough to watch Abel pitch in person in Clearwater and Dunedin and on MiLB.TV from Bradenton where he fired a couple of five inning no-hitters to go with a four inning one-hitter for the Threshers in three of his last four starts. We can only hope that Painter is eventually assigned to the Threshers starting rotation at some point as the second half of the Low A season starts this week.

In those three starts, Abel pitched a total of 14 innings allowing only one hit, a home run in Dunedin, in the four inning start. He struck out 24, eight in each game and walked seven in those starts. In his last start Friday night, he reach a pitch count high for the season of 77 against the Marauders. The Phillies have carefully monitored his pitch count.

There is a really great article and video in the weekly summary on In the July 9th entry on Mick Abel, which you can read it HERE.

Abel has been almost un-hittable against left-handed batters in his 12 starts this season. They are hitting just .092 against him compared to right handed batters who are hitting .250. He uses his sinker to shutdown LHB. In a July 2nd start, he struggled against the St. Lucie Mets when he faced an all right-handed hitting lineup.

Painter throws a fastball that sits in the 94-96 mph range and touches 97 mph. He throws a four-seam fastball, sinker, curve ball, slider and change up, all very similar to Abel’s repertoire.  

Read more about Painter HERE.

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