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Watching the Phillies Low A Talent Playing for the Clearwater Threshers Starting the Final Series of the Season

We walked down the street a few blocks from our home in Dunedin FL to watch the start of the final series of the season for the Phillies Low A Clearwater Threshers. They won the first game of a twin … Continue reading

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Baseball Is a Game of the World, the Clearwater Threshers Best Players Sunday Were From Australia, Russia and Canada

The Phillies Low A Clearwater Threshers is comprised of players from all over the World. Sunday, I watched an exciting Threshers game in which the best players were a first baseman from Australia, Rixon Wingrove, a pitcher from Russia, Anton … Continue reading

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One of the Phillies Top Pitching Prospects-Mick Abel Looks Ready to Move Up After Yesterday’s Start

I was taken by surprise on Sunday afternoon when I checked the Clearwater Threshers box score from home just after the start of the game against Dunedin. I realized I was missing the Phillies No. 1 draft pick from last … Continue reading

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The Bat of Rixon Wingrove and the Arm of Fernando Lozano Standout in the Threshers Doubleheader Split

With a third of the 2021 season in the book, the Clearwater Threseher stand with a record of 20 wins and 20 loses after yesterday’s split with the Dunedin Blue Jays.   The .500 season so far could not have … Continue reading

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Starlyn Castillo Stands Out On The Mound in the Clearwater Threshers Defeat

We have to be impressed with 19 year-old Phillies starting pitching prospect Starlyn Castillo for the Clearwater Threshers. Last night, he struck out six in a 61 pitch, three inning start. The Phillies are keeping minor league starters on a … Continue reading

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Phillies Team Returns to Historic Jack Russell Stadium for Game Vs Dunedin

The Phillies’ Florida State League baseball team returned to its former home, Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater, on Sunday. This time as the visiting team. They lost to the Dunedin Blue Jays 2-1. Toronto’s FSL farm team is playing most … Continue reading

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It’s Raining Strikeouts In Clearwater As The Threshers Win 8-3 For First Win of the Season

For the second straight game, the Clearwater Threshers and the Dunedin Blue Jays combined for 30 strikeouts in each game, a total of 60 in the last 2. The only difference was the Threshers won the game last night 8-3 … Continue reading

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Clearwater Defeated by Dunedin 7-3 Resulting in Several Interesting Statistics

The Clearwater Threshers were in the game last night until the Dunedin Blue Jays Blue closed it out with three runs in the ninth inning in a 7-3 win. The game had many odd statistics for a nine inning game: … Continue reading

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Spencer Howard vs. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Was A Draw But the Threshers Were Still Throttled by the Blue Jays, 11-2

The big match up between one of the best minor league pitchers and one of the best hitters was fought to a draw. Top Phillies minor league pitching prospect Spence Howard fought off the top prospect in minor league baseball, … Continue reading

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Clearwater’s Jose Pujols, FSL Player of the Year and Threshers Clinch the Second-Half Northern Division Title

Threshers’ right fielder for most of the season, Jose Pujols, has been selected as the Florida ┬áState League Player of the Year and last night the Threshers clinched the Second-Half Northern Division Title with a 2-1 win over Jupiter, read … Continue reading

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