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Phillies Aussie Prospect Chris Burke Is One To Watch; Could He Be a Baby Bryce?

We have blogged a lot about Aussie first baseman and Phillies prospect Rixon Wingate  currently top home run hitter in the ABL, Rixon Wingrove. He has been compared to Jim Thome by Shayne Bennett, a former MLB pitcher and now … Continue reading

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The Phillies Organization Has So Many Players But Will They Ever Help Them At The MLB Level?

Next week J.T. Realmuto will likely be a free agent. The post season in 2021 is looking even farther away for them than was it in 2020. Still the Phillies organization is  well stocked with players but the question remains … Continue reading

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The Bullpen Keeps Costing the Phillies Games But Alec Bohm’s .480 Batting Average Leads All of MLB with RISP

It was one of those “hard to believe Harry” moments” when the Phillies blew a 6-3 lead in the eight and ninth innings last night in a must win game in Miami.  Their poorly constructed bullpen cost them again as … Continue reading

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The Phillies Start to Wobble Again Toward Another Lost Season

Maybe it was not Gabe Kapler’s fault, after all! Another disappointing season appears to be awaiting the Phillies at the end this 60-game season on September 27th.  After winning 10 0f 11 games, they seem now to be on a … Continue reading

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Give The Young Minor League Talent A Chance to Play For the Phillies!

“Up, In and Gone” was how Logan O’Hoppe’s swing on his home run over left field wall was described in Sunday’s intrasquad game at the Alternative Camp in Allentown. With such a quick bat, do not pitch this guy inside … Continue reading

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Rafael Marchan and Logan O’Hoppe Have Become The Phillies Catchers of the Future

What does all this mean? The Phillies just put their third-string catcher on waivers in order to make room on the 40-man roster for another relief pitcher. Most teams load-up with backup catchers at this point of the schedule just … Continue reading

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Only 35 Games Might Remain In J.T. Realmuto’s Phillies Career. Is Logan O’Hoppe Ready To Take Over?

J.T. Realmuto is nearing an end to his brief Phillies career. Only 35 games remain in the Phillies 2020 regular season. If they do not make the post season, he becomes a free agent at the end of the regular … Continue reading

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The Phillies Still Have Greater Needs Than Just Signing J.T. Realmuto At All Cost!

Sure, it would be nice to tie up J.T. Realmuto long term but at what cost?  After yesterday’s games, it seems the Phillies have great depth behind the plate. Most importantly they proved they can win without Realmuto contributing and … Continue reading

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The Phillies Are Set For Next Season in Right Field, Catching and Top of the Rotation Starting Pitching

Yesterday us told us a lot about the Phillies strengths and weaknesses for the future. They are loaded in right field for a long time because of the long term contract of Bryce Harper. Catching is the other position they … Continue reading

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How Realmuto and Howard Were Misused In Sunday’s Games!

Joe Girardi has used the excuse in post game interviews that he has to check with the higher ups before he can make some moves that might be controversial. My questions to him are how can you bench your best … Continue reading

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