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The Phillies have Some Power Hitters and Pitchers In The Minor League Camp Too!

The Phillies major league spring training is going at full pace.  In fact I have been impressed by the pace and conditioning of the guys in camp after the first two days.  But as you know I like to follow … Continue reading

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The Phillies Full Season Farm Teams Have All Hit Bottom So Let’s Look To The Final 45 Games Or So That Remain In The Season and the AFL For The Future

Two-thirds of the minor league season is over.  Only about 45 games or so remain.  It has not been a good season for the Phillies minor league full season teams.  Yesterday, all four of them lost again.  All of them … Continue reading

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Clearwater Threshers Second Baseman Carlos Alonso Puts On A Clinic On How To Play The Game

When was the last time you listened to a nine inning game or watched any game where the second baseman handled 13 putout or assist chances in the field and executed at least one of these chances in every inning? … Continue reading

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A Phillies Tripleheader On Saturday: Cozens, Pettibone and Dugan Made It Memorable

Saturday baseball always brings back memories. Growing up in a small town where baseball defined the communities, Saturday was always a big day.  The town team always played Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week during the long summer days.  Teener … Continue reading

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Lots Of Catching Depth In The Phillies Organization

Clearwater Threshers third string catcher Bob Stumpo had not played at all in the first six games of the season as No. 1 Logan Moore, with a great throwing arm, and No. 2 Josh Ludy carried the load behind the … Continue reading

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The Top Four Starters After Week One Of the Phillies Minor League Season

Naming the four Phillies starting pitching “aces” of a few season ago and their minor league colleague “baby aces” of about the same time are now slowly fading into the lost memories of time and will become a baseball trivia … Continue reading

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The Phillies Minor League Pitchers Biddle, Garner and Neris Shine Under Friday Night Lights.

Last year the Clearwater Threshers started off with potentially one of the best starting pitching rotations in minor league baseball with Adam Morgan, Brody Colvin, Jesse Biddle, Austin Wright and Perci Garner.  Morgan and Biddle lived up to expectations; Wright … Continue reading

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