The Phillies Are Ready Down On The Farm With Lefty Starters Whether Hamels Leaves Or Not is reporting that Cole Hamels is still “mulling” the Phillies reported six year, $130 million offer.  They said he was “conflicted” about testing the free agent market.  I say if he is indeed conflicted and $130 million over six years is not enough then go test the market.   The Phillies have three left-handed starting pitchers who I believe will some day win more than 15 games in a season in the major leagues.  Something Hamels has yet to do in his career!

Last night Baseball Betsy and I went over to Bright House to see the Clearwater Threshers and left-handed starter Austin Wright in his 20th appearance of the year.  Austin went seven inning to pick up his ninth win of the season which leads the Florida State League.  His six strikeouts gave him 102 in 109.2 innings for third best in the FSL, trailing only teammates and left-handed starters Adam Morgan and Jess Biddle .    The Phillies have three of the best young left-handed power starting pitchers in minor league baseball.

Wright was strong last night using his fastball to set up his out pitch, the breaking ball.  After the major league game last night the Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee described the improvement in Kyle Kendrick’s strikes out per nine innings in what he called his “finish pitch” which is an improving change up.  For Wright his finishing pitch is his off speed breaking balls  as we show in his strike outs last night.  Austin is also one of the best fielding pitchers as he made two strong plays getting a putout on a swinging bunt down the first base line and starting a double play on a come backer to the mound.   We show the final strike in five of Wright’s strike outs and his two fielding plays from last night’s game.

See Wright’s Strike Out #1 HERE

See Wright’s Strike Out #2 HERE

See Wright’s Strike Out #3 HERE

See Wright’s Strike Out #4 HERE

See Wright Make a Great Fielding Play to First HERE

See Wright’s Strike Out #5 HERE

See Wright Make a Fielding Play to Second HERE

In his last two games Wright has given up only one run and that was caused in part by his balk last night.  Other than that run he has not given up a run in his last two starts over 13 innings.  Just Saturday night in Charlotte Jesse Biddle went eight innings giving up only one run for the win.  Tonight Adam Morgan who is leading the league in strike outs and is third in walks/hits per nine innings goes to the mound.  Watching these lefties work as we have many times this season is certainly worth the price of admission.

The next week, until the July 31st trade deadline, will be interesting.  If Cole Hamels does not want to pitch in Philadelphia for $130 million for the next six years, Austin Wright, Adam Morgan and Jesse Biddle do and will be soon ready to pitch at Citizens Bank Park for a lot less money and have the potential to win more than 15 games a season when they arrive.


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